I’ve been thinking a lot about community and music. Both are deep passions of mine and in honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, I compiled “Songs of Community Management” to bring us together around music and meaningful stories that uplift us, helps us process situations, or perhaps whose lyrics just perfectly tell the circumstances we live and breathe every day.

Songs of Community Management

Every community person I’ve talked to about this project immediately has a song they want to share…but I’d guess there are a few who need some examples to get the juices flowing. While this isn’t my song, I’ve played it a lot at times while in community roles. I love the drama and crescendo–and frankly, it lightens the mood a bit because it is so heavy and dramatic. It reminds me of O Fortuna from Carmina Burana. The community industry has struggled over the decades to be legitimized, get recognition and define a seat at the leadership table.

Think about what gets you going, makes you feel good or helps you get through tense times. Maybe it is:

• Huey Lewis and the News’ Power of Love
• Struggling? Transitioning into community from another role at your company and trying to make your inroads and meet new challenges? Maybe you feel like you’re on the receiving end of Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done for Me Lately?
• Streaming music channel lover? If you stream a certain genre, name a key artist who is part of your channel. What’s that one anchor song that you find yourself coming back to?

They told me their stories and shared their songs, the recap of the initiative that united an audience around a shared profession is here.

Footnote on the Community Management Profession

As I revisit this years later, I will give a spoiler alert whisper: the songs of community (and community managers) need to be embodied by every employee for a truly healthy organization.